Improved Brain Functioning

Fatigue, stress, poor diet and drug and alcohol abuse are known to impair the way our brains work. In particular the prefrontal cortex (the CEO of the brain) which is responsible for judgement, planning and foresight, is bypassed and the more primitive parts of the brain take over, As a result we become more reactionary, more emotional and less able to see the consequences of our actions.

During TM the brain becomes more orderly. The front and back of the brain become more in phase with each other and the connections between them are strengthened. The CEO is brought back “online”. As a result we become more proactive, more insightful and more able to see the big picture.

In fact with TM the whole brain becomes more coherence. more lively and “tuned up”. We become more responsive, more vibrant and alert. Studies have shown that regular practice of TM cultures the degree of brain coherence seen in top-level managers and high-performance athletes.

The brain wave coherence found with Transcendental Meditation is correlated with a surprising number of positive changes - creativity and intelligence, concentration, the ability to learn new concepts, problem solving and moral reasoning all improve.

This increased coherence enables more and more of the brain’s latent potential to be realised. In this way the total brain is developed leading to a state of Enlightenment.